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  1. Yes, DTLow -- for sure. My experience of needing to share notes into multiple notebooks is similar. Here is a use-case of how I would *love* to use Spaces: I am a department head at a university. A donor will offer to establish a scholarship for students. They will send me a document with the criteria they want to support. 1) I would like to establish a Space for faculty to review the criteria and make comments that the donor cannot see. I would drag and drop documents describing other scholarships into a Space so faculty get a complete picture. 2) Later I might est
  2. Some thoughts about Spaces: I would like to create a reference folder where notes and notebooks can be assembled because they share a related subject matter. I realize that is the idea behind spaces, but as implemented now in Evernote, it is not really very useful (to me, at least). I would like to be able to drag-and-drop notes quickly from within my notebooks to create a space. Now I am poking around in menus searching for the right link. I would like to be able to drag a note directly into the "Pinned" box and control how it appears. The new little "title in a box" display might be OK
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