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  1. Ah, so I was being stupid. Totally didn't see that. Thanks @jefito EDIT: I hit the link but I'm still seeing the same thing, even after a refresh. Does it take a little while to kick in?
  2. I can't see the link to try the beta out anywhere. Nothing in Settings apart from links to upgrade to Premium. Maybe I'm just being stupid?
  3. So I'm guessing this issue is not high on Evernote's radar? I've just started trying out tables myself and it is quite frustrating not being able to edit them online. I too have a basic account and experience all the issues the OP mentioned. However, I also find that once a table is added to a note I can not then add text anywhere in the note apart from inside the table itself. I'd have thought such a basic feature would be available. I sincerely hope it is in the desktop version or Evernote is all but useless for creating tables.
  4. Wow. Another one. Guess I won't be asking for any changes/ additions to the software in the future.
  5. Because switching takes time and thumbnails provide a simple, easy, visual way to ID things. Kind of feel like I've just been told the way I work is wrong. :/
  6. I'd like to request that in a future version of the desktop program the option of adding a thumbnail to the Side List view is included. I love the Snippet view as it is easy to quickly scroll through to find something visually. However, if I want to find a particular note based on details such as creation date obviously Side View is better. I reckon combining these two views would be wonderful and really make things even easier to find! Cheers.
  7. Sorry to bump this older topic, but I have found an easy solution. Strangely, it seems that if I edit a note in the desktop app and then re-sync it sorts out the net version. Weird, but very useful info.
  8. P.S. Just checked the Android app and the notes appear perfectly on there too, so it's just the web version that is looking weird. Will check it in a few other browsers to see if it's a Chrome only thing.
  9. Hello folks, I've been doing some freelance work and need to forward all emails I've sent and received during this work to the employer. Obviously I've been saving these into Evernote as it's much easier to organise and sort than simply forwarding a bunch of stuff. My plan was to send the employer the notebook link so they could view the emails. However, I've noticed that many of the emails' text has become all squished into a weird format when looking at them on the web, but appear fine in the desktop version of the program. I can't send them to my employer in an unreadable state so does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I've included screenshots of both the web and desktop apps with the same note open. Web - Desktop -
  10. So it seemed it may have been the local notebook problem, although I've no idea how I made it local only. I created a new notebook and moved the notes to it as suggested and everything seems to be fine now. To answer the above question, I'm on Windows 10.
  11. I'm changing the notes in the desktop app and they aren't syncing to the web, or rather one spercific notebook and the notes in it won't sync but everything else does. I'm not where near my upload limit as the majority of my notes are text only. I doubt any would be close to the maximum upload size either. I've tried all I can think of but it I just can't get this one notebook or its contents to sync.
  12. One of the notebooks in my EN desktop simply refuses to sync with EN web. The notebook has notes in it and there also will not sync. It all seemed to be working fine yesterday, however, I tried to do some work tonight and it simply won't have it. Anyone have any idea what might be going on here?
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