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  1. Is it possible to search Media files of Metadata information? If I have a lot of photos with metadata information, I would like to be able to search for it. Thank you, Jim
  2. The question is, do you use the Share feature or some other way?
  3. Is it possible with the basic version to sync notes with another user? Thank you Jim
  4. I tried that and it doesn't allow me to change the number. :-(
  5. Dumn question. How do I vote for it. I see you moved it over but don't see the vote button. Thanks Jim
  6. Thank you "kgg" and will do. I am teaching others how to use Evernote in our Genealogy classes and want to know more and more about the product. I did along with another person a comparison between One Note and Evernote. So learning more is must and learning the limitations is great because I still think it's far better than One Note. Thanks again. Jim
  7. Thanks for the information. I'll keep this in mind next time. Jim
  8. Gazumper I created the table with the Desktop version and can edit them with no problems. The problem is I can't edit the table when I view it with the web version. I can't select or drag the columns. Thanks again Jim
  9. I have the basic account and created a table with my PC version. When I viewed it on with the browser, I notice there is no way to edit the table. Is there a way to do this using the Web? Thank you Jim Ray
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