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Update: Apple Silicon M1 version of Evernote 10

Shane D.


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Hi All,

I wanted to provide an update on Evernote's compatibility with the new M1/Silicon Apple devices.

Currently, Evernote uses a default emulator to run on M1/Silicon devices and we are in the process of enabling Evernote to work natively on M1/Silicon devices.

While this shouldn't cause any large scale issues that are specific to M1/Silicon devices, it is possible that isolated startup/crashing issues may appear until we are able to implement improvements that will enable us to work natively on silicon based devices without emulation.

If you are using a M1/Silicon Apple device and are unable to start Evernote, or it continually crashes, please try the general troubleshooting steps below.

I recommend you export any local notebooks and unsynced notes as a backup because they have not been synced to our server and will be unrecoverable after this procedure. For detailed instructions on exporting your notes, please see:


Then follow these steps:

  1. If Evernote is running, press **Command + Q** to quit the Evernote application
  2. Download App Cleaner (http://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/)
  3. When the download is complete: open the zip file, then open the App Cleaner app
  4. Open the 'Applications' folder in your Finder and drag Evernote to the App Cleaner window
  5. After App Cleaner searches for and lists all related files, click **Remove**
  6. Right-click (or **Ctrl + Click**) on your Mac's Trash and select **Empty Trash**
  7. Reboot your computer
  8. Download and install Evernote for Mac (https://evernote.com/download/)
  9. Drag the Evernote icon into your 'Applications' folder
  10. Open Evernote and log in to your Evernote account

If you are still encountering issues, please follow these steps to rebuild your Evernote for Mac database:

**Export unsynced notes and/or local notebooks (if you have any):**

  1. Select all unsynced notes, or each local notebook, then right-click and select **Export Notes…**
  2. Choose 'Evernote XML Format (.enex)' next to Format, then **Save** the file to your desktop

     * Detailed instructions: (https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/209005557)

**Next, move your existing Evernote database:**

  1. Open Evernote for Mac
  2. Press and hold the **Option** key on your keyboard, then select **Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder** (keep this folder open)
  3. Select **Evernote > Quit Evernote** from the menu bar
  4. Move the numbered folder from the database folder to your computer's desktop
  5. Open Evernote and log in to your Evernote account

     * If you have more than one numbered folder, move each one 

Evernote will download all of your synced notes from the servers and create a new database on your computer. You can then import any exported notes by selecting **File > Import Notes** from the menu bar.

If you are still encountering startup/crashing issues on your silicon device, please contact Support for further assistance.

We will follow-up here once we have a progress update native support for M1/Silicon devices.

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