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  1. I often find I want to append a note, not create a new one. For example, today, I was searching for motivational messages. As I found them, it was easy to click and hold on a picture in safari, select share..., select apple notes, and then select the note to append to. Doesn’t work with Evernote, which can only create a new note. There are extensions like zapier for chrome, but it is many steps to add and only available via chrome.
  2. Thank you for the lightning fast response! I agree with your clarification and appreciate it. Strange that you can encrypt text on Mac/win, but not iOS... I guess I need to rethink how necessary it is to have full note encryption and/or text encryption on iOS. Since the data at rest is encrypted on the cloud side per evernote/google, transport to and from my iOS device via SSL, and my iOS device itself via passcode, I guess I don't really need it. Also, as you point out, I can encrypt attachments with application support. Thanks, Phil
  3. Hi Folks, Since it is 2018, I would like to get the latest on the capability to encrypt and de-crypt notes on iOS. I have moved almost 100% of my productivity work to my ipad and iphone. I even switched to apple notes due to the ability to encrypt individual notes from an ios device, which Evernote still does not appear to have. I do miss evernote and want to move back, but I will not do this until they include this necessary and 'table stakes' feature for notes. Please advice if anyone knows if I am missing something or if Evernote will ever have this feature.. Thanks, Phil
  4. I would love for this issue to be fixed correctly per the author's original note. The workarounds are not sufficient, IMHO. Specifically, the workarounds of 1) right clicking the dock icon and selecting the specific note window or 2) command-tab. I would prefer a preference such that allows consistent behavior of evernote with other apps. Specifically, clicking the dock icon will just bring focus to the application, not 'maximize' the main app window that may be hidden Thanks! Phil
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