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  1. Same here. Was so hopeful when I installed the last update. Fortunately the work around has been working consistently for me so not completely locked out, however it’s so frustrating when trying to access my information. Maybe the next update?
  2. Thanks for noting this. It lead to a work around that seems to work so far. On a windows computer, I simplify the format, then “undo” it (cntrl Z) to get the note looking like it was. Then force a sync. At that point, I’m able to open on the iPad. Not the best, since you need to be near a PC with Evernote installed. I can’t see any way to implement the “simplify format” command using the web version.
  3. Wish I could say the same! Kind of a show stopper for me...keep hitting the App Store refresh hoping for an update to fix. Not sure where to go with this.
  4. Same here on iPad. Some notes ok. Can’t find a common thread between the ones that lock up the system.
  5. New to forums, but longtime user (2009). Installed the 8.10 update yesterday afternoon, and ever since, my ipad installation is broken (naturally, just before a weekend of working at home). Have followed the trouble shooting procedures—uninstall, restart, and sign in. It loads notes, but some of them, while showing the thumbnail, don’t show the note’s content in the right hand pane, and when that note is selected it locks up. Eventually it will crash. At first I thought it might be that not all my notes are downloaded, but even when selecting a note in a notebook that shows the downloads
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