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  1. Thank you DT Low! It's working! Evernote, I'm back in love again--you've been redeemed. It was that pushy newcomer, the MacBook, who was the culprit. After your response, I did some looking around and the problem laid within Photo Booth. Here I discovered that in "Edit" in the menu is an option to "Auto Flip New Items". I clicked on that to give it a checkmark and viola! photos with text and notes are not flipped anymore. If the photo is taken without this item checked the image is automatically reversed and the print is backwards or mirrored. Then I went back over to Evernote and gave it a try. It worked! To double check I just restarted the computer, opened Evernote and took a photo of a business card and it was captured correctly. This took more time than I budgeted today to fix, but I'm very happy this key feature is operational again as I had been using this to stay organized with contacts and references. Now I'm inclined to fire up Evernote again. Cant' thank you enough - and so glad to realize it had nothing to do with being a " Evernote basic user". But. . .my version of Evernote does not have the shutter icon. . .curious? No shutter icon.tiff Appreciate the time you gave on this.
  2. Using my Macbook, I go up to the Evernote menu and under "File" select "New Face Time Camera Note" and then the camera box drops down. I've also noticed that the little "shutter" icon is no longer included in the note which used to use when capturing notes from scraps of paper. Thanks for responding so quickly.
  3. Evernote! You have become laborious! And stingy! I simply want to capture a camera image of some text from a document and you are reversing the image so that the text is "mirrored". This feature used to work just fine. I have a bunch of old notes with handy photos attached from having used the camera feature from 5 and 6 years ago. I struggled with this reverse problem over a year ago when I first encountered it and gave up trying to figure it out. But today I tried it again and alas you are still reversing the camera image. So. . .I decided to submit a help ticket at this link: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=176617 and finally caught the fine print---on the lower right is a box for me to upgrade if I want email support. Can someone please tell me if it's because I'm still a basic user that the camera images are reversed? If I upgrade to premium does this feature work again? Searching the web has not garnered any remedies for this problem so hoping I'll find out how to fix, if possible. Running OS 10.10.5 and have Evernote 6.12.3 Thank you. Evernote help clip.tiff
  4. Useless. This is why I am no longer enamored with Evernote. What is the point of touting a feature that is, well, useless. If we want to snap a photo of text, we should be able to read it without having to hold up a mirror, spin around three times and whisper, "Hagrid is my hero."
  5. I keep a running log, a daily journal if you will, of any money transactions I make between accounts and payments that I've made in one note. I date each entry I make, i.e. "9/1 transferred $500 from business to checking", "9/5 transferred $1000 to cover travel", etc. For each month there will be 6-10 entries. Today I see that everything that was entered in September is gone! There are NO transactions appearing between 8/15/17 and 10/9/17. I made entries as I do every few days each month but the banking transactions I noted in September and entered in this particular note are missing. I am an Apple person, using Evernote on my Macbook and iPhone and these entries are missing on both devices. This is a long running note that I started in April of 2015 and just add to each time I note any activity pertaining to finances. This issue has happened a couple of times before, but I let it go. This time I'd like to know what causes some entries in one note to completely disappear causing a gap in the chronology. I don't feel as secure with Evernote as I once did, and would like an explanation for this. Thank you.
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