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  1. Yep, I've thought of that (being "locked in," etc.) and, for me, that's not really a big thing since I don't anticipate leaving their ecosystem. The main reason I even considered it, frankly, was due to the new features in EN were a bit confusing. I've used EN for a good while now, but mostly as a "storage system" for notes, etc.; it can do so much more, but it's the "doing it" that hard. TBH, as a 1 man business (insurance) with no staff or "team," finding ways to be productive is very important, but finding the time to figure out "how" to use my "tools" (like my Zoho CRM & its new features, plus, now, EN's too) in an efficient manner is hard (most organizations like EN, etc. seem to be aiming at small - medium sized businesses with "teams" working on "projects," etc., not at micro-sized firms &/or solo operators, etc.). I think the new features - Home; Tasks; Google cal integration, etc. - are pretty swell ..... figuring out how to (a) set them up and (b) what / how I need them is a bit more daunting. Now, to get the most out of the new EN features, I need to upgrade to professional (almost doubling my cost), so, much as I like EN (& I do), I'm questioning if it's worth both the money and the time/effort to learn "how" to use it efficiently. Ah, well ...
  2. Thanks, Mike & Pinky (Members Extraordinaire of the Most Exalted and Beneficent Fantastical Fellowship of Evernote Necromancers and Thaumaturgists! ) I have now successfully (& finally) downloaded and installed the updated version. I'm finally in a position to see if my poor, tired, aged grey matter can find a way to implement and use these new features. TBH, I've found Apple Notes to be a very simple app to use in my personal Apple ecosystem, but since I've used EN for almost 12 years, I'm loathe to give it up without at making least a stab at understanding how the new updates might help. Again, thanks!
  3. My desktop version (I'm running on a new Mac Air 2021) tells me I have the latest upgrade, 7.14. Frankly, I'm at a loss - I'm simply a "user," not a tech person, who's used EN since 2010 and generally been reasonably happy w/ it. At this point, though, I'm about to cancel and go to either Apple Notes & Reminders or Zoho Notebook. I feel like it's virtually impossible to get any sort of support or simple questions answered by anyone at EN (perhaps they just don't care <sigh>). Very frustrated and, frankly, tired.
  4. Well, not exactly. I'm an "old" Premium version user (legacy, I think it's called). Logging into the web version shows the new screen (Home, Tasks, etc.) but the desktop version doesn't (only the same look as before). I'm not sure why / how they're different, or how I might get the desktop to "look" like the web.
  5. I'm confused - why is my desktop version of EN different than my web version? That is, the web version shows "Home, etc." but my desktop version does not (and says I'm using the latest upgrade)?
  6. I've been on EN for 12 years and a Premium user for probably 5. I'm unhappy and a bit confused about "why" EN didn't allow those of us who've been long time users and (especially) paid Premium users to have a "trial" period (6 months, for example) at the Professional level in order to give us time to try out the new functionalities (enhanced tasks, Google calendar integration, etc., etc.). My only option to use (and perhaps become dependent upon) some of the new features is to pay for an upgrade which, frankly, I'm unlikely to do. Been experimenting with Apple Notes and while it's certainly not (yet) EN, there are a lot of easy/simple to use functions. Long been an EN acolyte, but the luster is rapidly fading for me.
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