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  1. I just keep adding to the list of removed features....
  2. @DTLowI see what you're saying. Only, I am talking about features that existed which were removed that Premium users were happy with. Quite a few users, I'm reading, are peaved about that.
  3. "Cannot remove Left column" Actually you can at least 'toggle sidebar' (in View menu) so that's cool.
  4. Although I like the overall new design of Evernote, there are fewer features. why have certain features been removed: I can no longer choose my own default font. (fewer choice of fonts); in fact, I can't seem to change fonts anyway, only have Sans Serif working I can no longer create table of contents in folders; I can no longer create a PDF file from a file. (though it wasn't ideal in terms of page size, having no option at all is unfortunate); I can no longer use the Zoom (pinch) in a note; only the View option has Zoom I can no longer open audio files
  5. I test registered from another device and this is the first window after registering an email address: it gives the impression I have only a 7-day trial after which I would have to purchase! This is what is misleading.
  6. Those who newly register think that they shall have to pay a monthly fee, and it is not made clear enough that they have the option to use the application for FREE. This is a pity. Can you change that, please, so that members clearly know that the monthly payment is OPTIONAL?
  7. no response on this for ages. the only thing you can do, apart from nagging to Devs about it, is to keep updating a file you want and hope that others you are sharing with have their list sorted by updated files.
  8. i know that exists, but I need to see their email addresses or then to select certain ones in order to contact just a few.
  9. I really need to be able to view all contacts' details in a list for any given shared folder. This could be exportable as an excel or other format... Plus, the shared list we have could have checkboxes so that I can select some and message them in workchat.
  10. This app really would be 'ultimate' if you could incorporate handwriting to typed text. (similar to Nebo and VERY FEW other apps). There used to be a Japanese app called 7Notes with really good English recognition algorithms ! Perhaps that could be the next USP for this app.
  11. the speech (start reading) function on the Mac is OK but since it isn't always a function on all device or systems, it would be even better if one could highlight a passage (a word or set of words) and record one's voice reading it so that when others double-click on it, it will play it (eg. without have a separate voice recording opening at the top).
  12. would be great to be able to put word (and word segments) into columns by separating these using the | (symbol) to separate into one column and then a new row by adding \ (symbol) -- or something to that effect.
  13. So can someone tell me whether the PIN to TOP feature is now finally available for individual notebooks?
  14. I keep having to do drag the heading back onto one line - every so often the headings created after merging files are awkwardly wrapped Even after changing it back - the titles get compressed. (Oh heck - QT movie isn't attaching correctly. nor is MPEG-3 movie... so what format do I need to attach? ) Screen Recording 2019-06-22 at 18.06.07.mov
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