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  1. I keep having to do drag the heading back onto one line - every so often the headings created after merging files are awkwardly wrapped Even after changing it back - the titles get compressed. (Oh heck - QT movie isn't attaching correctly. nor is MPEG-3 movie... so what format do I need to attach? ) Screen Recording 2019-06-22 at 18.06.07.mov
  2. I know you can make columns quite easily and that's great, but to save space on a page, it would be great if I could select text (list) and have Evernote put it into 2 or 3 columns.
  3. Could there not be an option to have Table of Contents as the first file no matter how you sort the rest of the files?
  4. I wish to submit a feature request I want to select a word or passage and to record audio note so that when someone hovers over (or taps it) they hear an audio snippet. This would be a simple, useful to recording an audio track and pasting it next to a passage or word. It could serve as a learning tool.
  5. when in dark theme , the colours in a table appear in their complimentary colour (and black becomes white,) Would be nice to keep the colours the same. .
  6. the dark strip (left) hides the clock (top-left corner of screen). )-: this is a pity 'cause I'd like to be able to keep track of time while working with Evernote. Tried getting support for this, but got no real feedback... who should I address this issue to?
  7. plus, the dark theme hides the clock (top-left corner of screen).
  8. ever since the iOS12 Evernote is buggy. the menu (which would otherwise be a right-click on PC) sticks and highlighted text as well, until I hit the home button and reopen it. (see image attached) anyone else get this? I have reinstalled Evernote and will get back to you...with results.
  9. Evernote does not seem to recognize the language I'm typing and so if I am using a German keyboard but typing parts in English, it will use the wrong punctuation for smart apostrophes and quotation marks. Is there no solution to this without having to change the keyboard language settings every time I write something in a different language? can't / don't <-- examples (Now it seems to work "with" <-- quotation marks ... here. But other times it doesn't recognize English and puts German inverted quotations).
  10. good point. sidenote: language settings and grammar correction, spell-checkers is always messy, anyway, whichever platform or browser, etc You'd think it recognized this as English!
  11. @DtLow no way! SureNotifier are not upfront in Appstore of how much they charge! there's a monthly rate of 4.- not clearly listed. I can't stand this kind of non-transparency.
  12. thanks. I know about sort by most recent. but notifications would be a tad faster since I share with many. And it would be great if one could get 'badges' on the app... but yeah, I'll have a look into Sure_Notifier
  13. It would be great if Evernote integrated two apps: 1- Bubble Browser - and adding ways to merge categories and tags 2- 7Notes (Premium) - handwriting to type conversion. This app works really well for English (and Japanese, apparently). Your thoughts?
  14. I'm not sure this is possible (I couldn't figure out how), to receive notifications for updates (edits, added files) for a given notebook I'm sharing (or within a notebook someone has chosen to share with me). I see that I can make reminders to myself (or chat to others), but it really would be helpful in my case at least. As a teacher, I like to receive notifications when a student has altered a notebook (esp. ones that they created). Is that at all possible, desirable?
  15. I suggested to Evernote that who so ever new registers because of a folder I have shared with a specific person should count for points towards Premium account (which I have) as a gift automatically, and without my having to send extra invitations through 'gift to a friend' field. This seems obvious to me, and is only fair trade. They said they would consider but that I should post the idea here. What are your thought?
  16. 7Notes Premium already does a great job of suggesting words and phrases. (nice algorithm). And I found it to be 97% accurate, even with my poor hand-writing.
  17. This would be VERY useful. Or at least a 'description' box (or 'memo' pop-up sticky-thing) where you can include priority content. I agree.
  18. I can now add custom fonts in iOS (using iFonts app) and can use these in Word for iOS, so it would be nice to be able to do somwith Evernote, too. If Evernote would team up with the excellent hand recognition sofeware 7Notes Premium, we could also handwrite and have our writing automatically in typefont. which would also be cool and practical, since what is a TABLET if you can't scribble!
  19. -Yes, it is certainly my idea from the beginning of tablets of what a tablet should be used for. Handwriting should be built in to iOS. But Evernote should definitely look into the possibility of merging with 7Notes HD Premium app.
  20. Sorry, I thought I was posting under feedback and feature request. I'm not looking to tag more than I already do as an administrator. I cannot tag "archive" or "hide" or anything else; it's up to those users I share the notebook with to do so. I'm looking to suggest adding this hide feature to make it easier for those with less knowledge of PC use, without them having to create a new folder, tag , (let alone open a new account). Thanks anyway. Is there a direct support link I can use to suggest to Evernote webmasters this feature?
  21. My opinion is that I, as an administrator, feel better knowing that only those on the email list I created for a notebook can view (edit) and cannot pass on the link to others I don't wish to unless I select edit+share. so long as when I remove someone from the list they are blocked from accessing a given notebook.
  22. That's one way around it I suppose. Only my users are mostly senior citizens with very low PC literacy. And they wouldn't even know what a tag was, let alone how to add one. I could, however, show them how to right-click and hide note, if that were available. :-)
  23. Thanks, but I am the administrator. I was asked by someone how they may hide any notes they don't wish to view. And so it isn't up to me to ask which ones.
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