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  1. Hi! Evernote freezes consistently for some seconds when I'm editing a note, change the window to check something in a web browser or some such, and come back to EN. I'm using the latest EN version (updated today) in MS Windows 10 Pro, all latest updates installed. This is happening from a few days ago when I changed my laptop from a Lenovo T480 to a T15, which also resulted in me downloading the latest EN version at that time. This is utterly annoying!! Any advice? Thank you, Juan Carlos---
  2. Hi all! Any update on this issue? I just migrated to v10 and I'm devastated by this as I have literally hundreds of links in EN notes to local files using the "file:///" syntax, specifically "file:///\\shareddisk\path\file.ext" Existing links do not work (they appear as "file:///%5C%5Cshareddisk...") and I can not create new ones. Cheers! Juan Carlos---
  3. Hi Barry, Yes, retrying made it work. Thank you. Juan Carlos--- @ApuntesCiencia
  4. I see Barry asked for the browser brand and version: I'm using latest Chrome (30.0.1599.69 m) in MS Windows 7 Juan Carlos--- @ApuntesCiencia
  5. Hi all, I have the exact same problem. I went through the full procedure twice, with codes being sent to my cellular, printing the backup codes, EV asking me for one of those to verify that I have them (clever!)... and at the end it says "Two-Step Verification is not enabled" (as it said at the beginning) and I can log in from any device using just my password. I've sent a question (number #195024, in spanish) but I'm yet waiting for an answer (sent it only yesterday). Cheers! Juan Carlos--- @ApuntesCiencia
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