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  1. Hello @ebizmarket — welcome to the forums. Have you tried looking in Trash/Deleted notes? Have you tried searching for content in the note that is not in the title (in case it got accidentally retitled)? I'lll assume you have already adjusted your view of "All Notes" to show by Date Created and also Date Updated ? Good luck!
  2. @Jhx welcome to Evernote on Mac and the forums. @DTLow is correct, the last notebook you were on when you close Evernote for Mac is same as where it will open. I spend most of my day right now working inside one notebook, so the same one usually opens first for me. A couple of ideas you can try: Drag the notebook you like best into your Shortcuts list at the top, so it's at least faster to find Try opening your main notebook first, then open any additional notebooks in tabs like you would in a browser, using [Cmd]+ T. Then the last open notebook should be your favorite, and it should re-open to that one as well. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks @aukirk. Yes, it's impossible to please everyone all the time. FYI — I started playing with the Evernote Web again to see the new Checklists and compare them to the free-standing Checkboxes. I created a few of each, and then I opened up the test note in my Evernote for Mac to see how they appear. Turns out the functionality of the new Checklists are already working in Evernote for Mac, including drag-and-drop re-order, and indent/outdent using [Tab] or [Shift]+[Tab]. All you have to do to create a Checklist in Evernote for Mac is start a bulleted list [Cmd]+[Shift]+U and then add a Checkbox immediately after the first bullet [Cmd]+[Shift]+[T], and this sets up a Checklist with as many items as you want, if you hit [Return] after each item. The color formatting is still identical between both types of lists, but it's interesting that they've added this in. I didn't see an announcement, so maybe they're waiting until the color is ready. Is anyone else seeing this?
  4. Thanks @aukirk. Yes, I have used the Web Beta, but I don't use it daily because it's just not as fast to navigate around as Evernote for Mac. But the look of the checkboxes is definitely easier on the eyes. Green fills are just fine. They were blue in the Evernote for Mac version. I just don't understand why they would remove something that actually improved user experience by making checked boxes easier to see. When it happened, I contacted support, and the Evernote support person sort of coldly implied that they didn't think it was a big deal, and it was just part of some other bug fixes they had pushed. If they did research and A/B tested this with a lot of users and found that colored checkboxes were actually not preferred, that's fine. I guess I have to live with it. But I'd suspect it was just some designer's opinion of what looks "cleaner" aesthetically. And the truth about UX is that what looks great is not always the same as what works great...
  5. A long time ago, Evernote checkboxes would fill blue when they were checked. This made it easy for users' eyes to quickly see what was "done" and not done. Given all the forum requests to make checked checkboxes grayed out, strikethrough automatically, or auto-sort to the bottom of the list, it seems like this would be a relatively low level of effort to revert back to the product. And it would improve the actual user experience for all of us.
  6. Are you looking for an "Insert Date and Time" shortcut, besides just looking at the "Created On" date field above?
  7. Hi Fritz — I have read this question and the replies and I feel like I may be missing something. It sounds like you want to know when *Evernote received the email* regardless of when your email originally received it, or what you did to follow up after. Do I have that right? If so, Evernote always shows the "Created on" and "Updated on" dates above the note body, and you could always type those in the body to help your notetaking, even if you receive the email a day before you send it in, and you follow up (update the note) a couple days after you send it into Evernote. If you want the actual time and minute, that info stays captured in the "Note Info" metadata under Note > Show Note Info or at the (i) icon. Hope this helps?
  8. Hi Paul. If your single file is going into 1 Evernote note as 1 PDF, the easiest way will be to download the PDF and then save pages separately in Acrobat (Win) or Preview (OS X). Then drag those files back into Evernote to create new separate "Evernotes." If your single file is actually going from ScanSnap into 1 Evernote as several images (JPEG/GIF), you can just drag each page to your Evernote icon or "new note" to create new, separate Evernote notes. To combine selected notes, just select them all in one of the Note view options, and then click "Merge Notes." Evernote will insert a large header between each containing the title of each original note. Please let me know if this helps or you have other questions.
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