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  1. I like this; is there a keyboard shortcut for it? ( EN disallows "gen'l", replacing it with "gentle") FWIW some apps recognize when I reject a correction. When I undo the apps correction or backspace to the auto-corrected word, the app "gets the message" that I don't want that word corrected. I encourage EN adopt this function for Mac.
  2. I agree with the previous posters. The problem persists in Version 6.0.11. FWIW the issue is not consistent, occasionally it does not occur. I don't know why.
  3. OS X 10.7.5 Lion It seems since installation of EN 6.0.10 When I hit the return key the page scrolls down. Workaround: move problematic text to a new page, work on it there. I doesn't exhibit the problem. Perhaps it's associated with the length of document, IDK. Thanks, Craig
  4. 1. I can't seem to make a solid ( filled ) shape with skitch. I don't understand; am I missing something? I just want to make a solid square. Surely skitch can do this, no? 2. While I'm at I'm now trying to make a solid color background, is there a way to do that? 3. I used a marker tool to scribble in and eventually make a solid background. Now how do I make another object on top of that. Every time I try it turns into the selection tool (and selects what's beneath it).
  5. 7 months have passed. It seems it's time that EN acknowledge Evernote does not support Motorola Droid 4 with physical keyboard.
  6. Any progress? EN is worse than ever for Droid 4 ( with physical keyboard ). I've had a support ticket for several months. I've had numerous emails with your customer support. Is it now safe to assume Evernote no longer supports Droid 4 ?
  7. The problem has reoccurred. The cursor jumps to previous text. This makes evernote nearly unusable. I've had this problem for more than a month, and yes, I have a support ticket. Does EN support Droid 4? For what it's worth if I turn italics on then off again the problem goes away temporarily.
  8. Some commenters seem to make excuses for EN or overlook its shortcomings. That's not the point. It's either a superior product that strives for excellence or it's not. If it's the latter it's only a matter of time before Google or MS overtake it. Making excuses or tolerating mediocrity is of no benefit to EN or the readers of this forum.
  9. Do you remember Wordperfect? Me either. It used to be a dominant word processing program. Then along came Microsoft Word... Mediocrity will be overtaken. Regrettably I've seen numerous examples of EN cutting corners, getting by on "good enough". That won't sustain it in a competitive field ( nor should it ) Excellence should be the goal.
  10. I encourage the good folks at EN to rethink your corporate manifesto. It's disappointing to see mature product like EN making amateurish oversights. I fear that Google or Microsoft will soon overtake you simply because you're stuck with a mindset of mediocrity rather than excellence. I've always been astonished by the glaring oversights of what could ( and should ) be a truly great product. For example: On the most popular OS in history ( Windows 7 ) EN does not know how to spell-correct one of the most common words in the English language ( "and" ). On my Droid 4 EN requires I highlight text from right to left ( Highlighting from right to left does nothing ). How can this possibly serve the user? It's this little stuff that reflects so poorly on your corporate ethos. It's simply amateur ( acceptable in 1990 but not today ). There's so much good about EN. Unfortunately there appears to be something in your corporate DNA that appears committed to careless mistakes and oversights. In 2013 EN should be the superior and dominant product, not vulnerable to be overtaken be Microsoft or Google. If Evernote loses out to competition it's obvious that it did it to itself.
  11. thanks, xdelplanque. I did exactly what you said: send logs, "cursor issue". I took the advice of another forum member (on another thread) and acquired a support ticket on this:Ticket # 16051-239530. UPDATE: I'm following through on their instructions. Please take no further action on my issue until I have a chance to try the fix suggested by your support team. Thank you. -Craig
  12. I have a similar problem to Stevenrbrunnell. On my android ics en often causes the cursor to go to unintended areas of my note. Very frustrating. I often have to quit out of en and then go back in to finish the note. Also if I change to bold print or italics it consistently triggers the same problem. It also causes en to stop typing in real-time. It just doesn't show up on the screen. I have to wait a few moments for en to refresh to see what I've typed. Or I have to save it and reopen to see what I've typed. It's been acting like this for about a week or two. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't help. I also uninstalled a bunch of other apps (that had been installed around the time the problem started to occur) Please help. Thanks, c Droid 4 ICS Physical keyboard
  13. I agree. Spell check is horrible, the worst I've seen. I'm using Win7 PC. EN doesn't know that waht = what (EN suggests "wast" - IS WAST EVEN A WORD?) teh = the (EN suggests tea!) arent = aren't (EN suggests Aretha!) Really? What is wrong with this company? It seems like the simplest words are the hardest for it to understand. Are the programmers non-English speakers? Are they illiterate? Otherwise EN is a fine product. Would EN benefit if users sent in a list of problem words so they could fix them. A 12 year old child should be able to figure these out.
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