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  1. 1. I can't seem to make a solid ( filled ) shape with skitch. I don't understand; am I missing something? I just want to make a solid square. Surely skitch can do this, no? 2. While I'm at I'm now trying to make a solid color background, is there a way to do that? 3. I used a marker tool to scribble in and eventually make a solid background. Now how do I make another object on top of that. Every time I try it turns into the selection tool (and selects what's beneath it).
  2. Some commenters seem to make excuses for EN or overlook its shortcomings. That's not the point. It's either a superior product that strives for excellence or it's not. If it's the latter it's only a matter of time before Google or MS overtake it. Making excuses or tolerating mediocrity is of no benefit to EN or the readers of this forum.
  3. I agree. Spell check is horrible, the worst I've seen. I'm using Win7 PC. EN doesn't know that waht = what (EN suggests "wast" - IS WAST EVEN A WORD?) teh = the (EN suggests tea!) arent = aren't (EN suggests Aretha!) Really? What is wrong with this company? It seems like the simplest words are the hardest for it to understand. Are the programmers non-English speakers? Are they illiterate? Otherwise EN is a fine product. Would EN benefit if users sent in a list of problem words so they could fix them. A 12 year old child should be able to figure these out.
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