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  1. Would that shows on the pictures, clips notes? I just want to purge / spring cleaning my place. That way I can just list price, link to product details ETC. Wish Evernote is more flexible and have these arsenals of tools for different occasions. So I sent email to share clips and no way to track beside sent email to oneself ? How do you insert clips like you did on this page? I have to save clip as then attached afterward, have got to be easier way than that right? Thanks anyway but very disappointed.
  2. Dear Board What ever happen to add note (not handwriting note ) to picture or not that you clipped? Used to be able to add word perfect note type to your notes that you clipped, copied ETC. I shared notes via emails, Where and how do I look for those sent emails? Is there such thing as sent folder in evernote. Thank You for taking time to answer these simple question.
  3. I have premium Evernote with program and everything. Notice if I drag super slowly, most time I get the whole thing I want. Chrome / window 10. Have none of this problem at work (free Evernote account )
  4. Please help... I mainly using clip screen shot to clip just important part from web page ie. receipt etc. Now that feature is not working. I would start with 3 mm. x 3 mm. then it jumps to paste and I got nothing but a small tiny box. I having a problem with dragging function on Chrome ( as in highlight - copy - paste to the search box) part of a word or part of the sentence would be the highlighted but not the whole word nor sentence. - Chrome - Window 10. - I also can not drag cell to a new location in excel. Can somebody let me know how to deal with this?
  5. I was just asking to same question. I have program on my desk top and all that. I have been cut from new note and paste to note book I want. Don't get the merge part. Waste lots o time.
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