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  1. Music and photos are better managed with other apps indeed. Files that are updated often (office, graphics, code etc) are also better managed with apps like Dropbox. Evernote used to work great for visual inspiration and reference though. Things like screenshots, image-heavy articles and images saved from the web are not something you want to keep with ordinary photos. Right-clicking an image in the browser to save it to EN with a link to the source automatically attached is really convenient for collecting. Having 1 note represent a whole project with a bunch of similar image
  2. I've started a similar thread back in 2014, but there's zero progress on the issue, and there's no indication that anything is happening anytime soon, so I wouldn't keep my hopes up. I've given up personally and moved my imagery to another app (Inboard in my case but there's a number of other options). No reason to pay for the Premium plan anymore since most of my notes are textual now and fit the Basic plan just fine. It's a pity because I really liked having Evernote as a library for everything and didn't mind paying for that at all. Guess my use-case just doesn't fit this company
  3. I believe a lot of thinking and hard work went into this launch and usually I try to be appreciative and open-minded when it comes to updates to the products I use. But this one is just not doing it for me unfortunately. I'm your premium subscriber and I used skitch.com for hosting, so I'm not very affected by the change, yet I do find the move itself to be quite in poor taste. You took 2 great free products that a lot of people had years to learn to depend on and merged them together in a very limiting way. Skitch was something you used without thinking. Its traffic was free and unlimited. Yo
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