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  1. Lost tagging How long to find fix? can't find a way to get out of Beta Change without preparation is a deal killer discount to upgrade to trouble? No thanks 😞 Edit: fixed it but not without the above distress. and a lot of needless wasted time I give it to 9/18 to see if upgrading or moving is the answer
  2. Does Evernote for Gmail require premium account? nowhere mentioned in my long search lots on comments say it is hard to uninstall, so I have not just tried it mis posted in bugs tech forum !!
  3. Does Evernote for Gmail require premium account? nowhere mentioned in my long search lots on comments say it is hard to uninstall, so I have not just tried it not intended for bugs tech forum !!
  4. No wonder the formatting issue is so bad and Evernote. You guys are all sloshed and drifting. Makes forum help yet another dysutility. For personal use 30 bucks a year would be fair, 20 bucks would be done it in a heartbeat. I would be happy to upgrade for real utility/less frustration What is fair for a multiuser business program is irrelevant to me. Actually tells me to go away, look elsewhere. Evernote has utility but it needs to have proportion costs how much you spend a year on bicycle chains, beer and coffee is irrelevant
  5. Thanks cal and PinkElephant That helped. Avoiding formatting is fine and removing was vexing me. Sorry to vent frustration , but I had gone down too many rabbit holes trying to find that fix. I am happy with simpler , so many programs are getting feature creep that begin to eclipse the need for robust functionality mostly with features that few need. I wish EN had a Less expensive buy in/upgrade, like the discontinued ENPlus
  6. pasting creates formats I cannot find ways to control. spent a lot of time trying to find a fix degrades utility of the program, bigly paste gets me: bolding, buttons, margins line spacing and other detracting cr%p seems to be no way to remove it and "help" is a swamp, a rats nest of posts so DR unless I am looking for pain I would be happy to paste without formatting and the program wants to "help" in distinctly unhelpful ways such that every-time I am drawn to use the program, I feel chased away by this "feature" and find no reason to upgrade something that annoys this way
  7. I too am looking for a simple guide to controlling formatting I want EN to stop trying to "do me a favor" and let me default to simple text and remove formatting on pasted data Sorry to tag along on this but when help is via forums you are pretty much allowing any and everything
  8. I am having serious problems with EN "auto" formatting pastes and not being able to get the info into plain text Could someone be so kind as to point me towards a tutorial or simple guide to controlling formatting the available stuff is just seriously TL;DR sorry to be dense , but there wouldn't be so much to plough through if it was being concise and easy to find
  9. http://www.cgpgrey.com/ begins about 40:00 not pleased, not pleased
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