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  1. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this question but I'm going nuts. Why for the last month(s) have there been almost daily updates? Or at least several a week. I am a premium user with a desktop and a notebook and every time I log in one or the other or both have evernote updates? I googled for an answer but haven't found anything about it. I've there is a version 7 coming? any idea when?
  2. I wish they'd quit ***** around with stuff that works and REALLY fix the things that don't and improve functionality. How asinine to ASSUME a user would want that text bold I agree with the sentiments that say it looks better in the snippet view but I live in the List view and every time i view it now my mouse jumps towards the OneNote Icon ITS HORRID. TAKE IT AWAY or at least let me turn it off
  3. Am I drunk or did the titles in my view get BOLD? I'm pretty sure they didn't look like that before. HATE IT
  4. It was nice to give us colors and all but tables have gotten too $%!%^^$# hard to format and work with, their useless to actually USE but you can make them pretty. *rolls eyes*. I'll take a plain jane table with auto adjustable column widths please. I just want to tabulate stuff oh and when i highlight a table and hit "delete" I'd like it to GO AWAY!! A 35 row table takes FOREVER to delete one row at a time I'm so sick of Evernote and their price hiking and feature raping. Yes I pay for premium and I don't mind paying it at all but I don't feel I get a premium product like I used to. The ONLY good thing they have added the last 10 years is reminders. Every thing else has just made things worse and worse. Microsoft One Note, though it used to be a beast, now works quite well on my smaller devices AND my desktop. hmmmmmm
  5. I don't understand. If your not going to let us type why in the heck are you forced to use lined paper? I dont want a full blown drawing app but let me make a few boxes with connecting lines to illustrate a point? Yet another stupid decision by Evernote apparently their not making enough money to hire intelligent designers
  6. I've been using Evernote for 7 years and I am almost done. EVERY time they put out an update I lose some function or something is broken. I'm just tired of this. This update to is broken. Won't run 2 minutes on my W10 box with out freezing.
  7. Just in case anyone else hits this snag, I can't appear to put text after a table until the note gets synced *shrugs*
  8. So when might the beta to fix be available? My Evernote is virtually useless and I use it constantly for project tracking. Everything I do pauses 2-3 seconds. I can't do my job with this.
  9. I know this probably untimely but its what i was working on today. For me what makes OneNote find tag so great is it displays the line item that is actually tagged rather than just the note title. I often have several check boxes in a note and one note lets me see each individual todo item in a list. I realize I could just make the note title the "todo" but that is not always convienant the way i have my system setup
  10. Thanks to all! downloaded 7.9.3 apk and got my speech to text back. Disabled autoupdate on the app. Guess I'll hang out there till they force me to upgrade.
  11. I figure this will get thrown out in the trash by the admins BUT I just gotta get it off my chest. I can't understand why Evernote keeps getting rid of GREAT features which must drive away thousands of customers. Case in point, BEFORE the horrendous WORKCHAT was invented you could email a note to someone with one click, it was the default SHARE item. You didnt have to go to the OTHER share menu and scroll down and it and it even put the body of the note IN the email so the receiver didn't have go thru the whole tortuous web thingy to see your message. Now its so stupid and complicated for me AND the recipient i use another product to keep my day to day notes so i can email them quickly. Another case in point, speech to text for Android. Stupidly I upgraded my phone recently and suddenly my speech to text buttons are gone and apparently they are gone forever? Gee whiz Evernote. I used that one tap function 30 times a day! It was awesome! And as others have complained, yes i can 2 step use my keyboard speech to text but it sucks so bad it unusable. I used to rattle off a SPEECH and it would perfectly be reflected in my note. I am trying to get an OLD version of Evernote as we speak because the speech to text feature is crucial to my decision to continue using Evernote. And a personal beef, WORKCHAT, is the most annoying add-on on the planet. They did finally tone it down so it didn't DOMINATE your every Evernote action but what a POS. Put it on the business client, ok, but I work alone! I've been a loyal and mostly happy user of Evernote since its inception and will probably still continue to house all my "don't ever want to lose it" items in there. I even pay for the Premium, but but its functionality is down at least 40% in the last few years, in MY opinion and several other options are looking better and better as Evernote continues to lower its usefulness, (for reasons I can't EVEN fathom why they would do it) There, I've said my piece. Thanks for listening.
  12. It amazes me as popular as Evernote is and how many users complain about the notes not starting in the title and how the auto-title sucks on the Android version they don't fix itl I too would like a new note to start in the title bar on ALL notes even the Android ones or at least make it an option or AT LEAST make it like the windows version so that the title becomes the first line of test. I get way too many notes that are "untitled". how useless is that?
  13. Yes I agree. MOST of my notes are small ones with the info in the title. Would be awesome if the editor STARTED there.
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