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  1. @modernborn I don't understand what you are trying to say. Everything has been good for me since 6.11 beta 3.
  2. @BSR - Is this fixed in the beta version? I just installed the beta (I was back on normal builds for a while). The bug still exists for me in the beta 1 version of 6.11. Thanks.
  3. Thanks everyone. Since this is now in a feature request forum, I'll try to clarify with a few user stories. Prerequisite: All my notes have both typed text and attachments for the purposes of this story. And I wish to keep the attachments in the Evernote note, I do not want to have them linked somewhere else because the text wouldn't be searchable in Evernote in the cases I do want to search the attachments. As a User, I want to search all my notes, So that I can find text that I typed or that is contained in a note attachment. As a User, I want to search all my notes, So that I can find text that I typed, while omitting text contained in attachments. As a User, I want to search all my notes, So that I can find text contained in any attachment, while excluding typed text. [This one I really never do, just included it for completeness or in case others search this way] Thanks again!
  4. @gazumped - The problem is is DO want to search the notes that have attachments. Just not the attachments themselves. Let's say I have 100 notes with similar attachments (same file, updated weekly). And 5 of those notes have the word I'm searching for. Today I get all 100 notes (because the name of the country is in every attachment). I want only the 5 notes where I typed in "Canada" in the typed notes, where we had an update or comment on Canada.
  5. How do I search only text I've typed in the note, ignoring attachments? I love attachment searching, but sometimes I want to ignore those in a search. I want to search for lets say a country name I typed in, but I have a project docket file attached to many notes (weekly meeting) that has the same country name in it each week. I want to ignore those attachment references to the country name, and only return notes where I typed the country name into the note. Ideas? Almost like a "-attachments" to ignore attachments. Thanks!
  6. Got sick of waiting for a fix, so searched today and found this thread. I seem to find that the highlighting doesn't survive selecting different notes from the result. The first note is highlighted, then click any other note (or even back to the first) and the highlighting is gone. If you click Cmd-E and enter again (to re-search again on the selected note) the highlighting re-appears on the active note. Cumbersome, but faster on the keyboard. And I agree with some others here, not sure how a search highlighting bug like this escaped regression testing, or how it has taken 2+ months with not even a fix in a beta version. Don't lose sight if your core, or your customers will vanish. I can tell you things like this and now hosting my data at Google already has me considering a replacement.
  7. It has been 6 months and nothing being done with this ... it was working before just fine and then broken. Is this on the list anytime soon ??? Thanks!
  8. Agreed on all counts. Fix quickly. I'm going mad. I take screenshots during sprint demos and end up with very long notes. Scrolling to keep up is not working!
  9. I should clarify that I can pick the "Light" font, and it shows in the list, but the font in the notes itself actually doesn't change. It remains regular. I even tried to create a new note and it still shows the regular font. Thanks!
  10. I love being able to set the default font for notes. I do see in EN beta 5 that the font for note titles in gone. But I do like the Helvetica Light 14 selection. I've been trying to set my note default font to match, but it only lets me select the "regular" font and not the "light" font. Any ideas for how to select a non-default typeface for my note font default? Thanks!
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