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  1. I have used a slightly quicker method.... It works well to open the file in a browser (or to download it, depending on the file), BUT if you e.g. Open a PDF from Dropbox web (not though this link), you actually get more options.... This option almost thinks you are a visitor..... It is better, but still not ideal. (To explain this fuller: If I open the Dropbox web view via the icon and then select a PDF, I get the option to edit via my default PDF viewer (PDF Expert), however using the above method does not provide that option).
  2. Really - that sounds great! Can I ask how you do it? Or are you simply creating a public DBox URL for each file and inserting it into a note? in terms of expanding on my requirements, I have used the google drive integration and was impressed with how seemless it connects to a Cloud file store (and obviously if you edit a locally synced file, it is the same file). Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello - I am sure there is an answer to this, I was hoping to ask someone from EN, but the support site has directed me to the discussion boards... I would be interested if there was consideration for integrating Dropbox (especially Business) into Evernote to the same extent to Google Drive (for linking files etc)? Thanks in advance.... - Jay
  4. Hello, I am a multi-platform user of Evernote, Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android - increasingly the Windows version ( simply looks very old compared to the 'easy-on-the-eye' Mac version 5x. Is there a roadmap to replace the Windows version, and if so, please could you give me rough timescales. Many Thanks, Jay
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