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  1. I believe you have to do this one-by-one... the process is pretty quick though (unless you have 1000 of notebooks!). I had a notebook with 2000 notes and lots of notes in it.... the export was very quick. If you are leaving EN, you could consider consolidating your notebooks to make things quicker (but that may not work for you from an organisational point of view). What are you going to move to?! I have tried OneNote, Notion, Bear, SimpleNote, AppleNotes, NoteJoy (among others) - and I came back each time....! That might be familiarity and history - but I struggle to keep with a
  2. I agree.... my concern is EN disappears, I have too much important information stored in here that would be very problematic to lose (I am going to start copying out attachments, but it will be a LONG process). I do have a saved .dmg of the legacy app, which I hope I could use to import .enex files into should the company disappear. My work around has been to manually export ALL my notebooks (using the v10 product), I will then MANUALLY export just the notebooks that have been updated since the last backup period (I do not use a lot of active notebooks). This tasks is manual, and goes
  3. This is a really interesting thread, and something that I am constantly thinking about. I have, for years, backed up the 'legacy' data file on a regular basis (compressed then pushed it into my data backup work-flow which utilises two public Cloud storage providers). I was aware that should EN disappear, I would struggle to get my data back, unless I was able to import the db into *something*. Now that I am not able to backup the entire db (without manually clicking 'export notebook') - I am more than a little worried, and am thinking that I should remove all my attachments (realistic
  4. This thread is really interesting, and just shows how hard a task EN have!!!! I like Tags, I do use them - but I care more about a better, nicer writing experience.... (and the improved search will be good for me too!) Good luck Ian Small and the team, and we all need to understand that we CAN'T have exactly what WE want! (I am enjoying this thread, and realise inflection is lost in written form such as this...)
  5. Enjoyed the video, and it gives me hope for the future! Some of my thoughts (I hope that EN staff are reading this info for 1st hand feedback) Editor: For someone who uses EN on MacWiniOS, a unified editor would be great (IMHO: iOS is terrible - and even using an external editor and copying to EN takes so much fudging around!) I hope this change is not just for the web interface.... I personally want an app centric environment! I like the idea of 'semantic headers' or styles, but hope there will be a 'easy' keyboard shortcut (which would help with the lack of MarkDown support) -
  6. I'm been looking at 'Agenda' as an alternative to EN as a notes App. For a few reasons, I have decided to ditch it, but the ability to put note links in calendar entries which open in the EN apps on MacOS and iOS was brilliant. I can choose 'classic' link from my MAC, but if I use the 'Copy Internal Link' in iOS, when using a Mac, the link opens in the web interface rather than the App. Any ideas to force ONLY opening in the App? (Is this issue as Windows is also in the eco-system?) TIA...
  7. I have used a slightly quicker method.... It works well to open the file in a browser (or to download it, depending on the file), BUT if you e.g. Open a PDF from Dropbox web (not though this link), you actually get more options.... This option almost thinks you are a visitor..... It is better, but still not ideal. (To explain this fuller: If I open the Dropbox web view via the icon and then select a PDF, I get the option to edit via my default PDF viewer (PDF Expert), however using the above method does not provide that option).
  8. Really - that sounds great! Can I ask how you do it? Or are you simply creating a public DBox URL for each file and inserting it into a note? in terms of expanding on my requirements, I have used the google drive integration and was impressed with how seemless it connects to a Cloud file store (and obviously if you edit a locally synced file, it is the same file). Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello - I am sure there is an answer to this, I was hoping to ask someone from EN, but the support site has directed me to the discussion boards... I would be interested if there was consideration for integrating Dropbox (especially Business) into Evernote to the same extent to Google Drive (for linking files etc)? Thanks in advance.... - Jay
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