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  1. I'm having the same problem. Not the first time I select multiple notes but the 2nd or 3rd time after restarting. Seems to happen on notes prior to updating but not "new" notes created after the update.
  2. You might find this book helps since it's specific to Attorneys. http://www.organizedlawyer.com/ I haven't read it myself but listened to David during a recent episode of The Productive Life show podcast.
  3. Adding my vote to this as well. It would be helpful at a minimum if we could hide those tags that have zero notes. I.e. with TSW you don't need the parent tag to show just the child tags.
  4. So you placed a link for the Mac users to go back to version 1 - how about fixing the App store so I can revert as well. - Version 2.0 is disrupting the way I work. Looking for something new to use.
  5. Would that they'd put the old version for the ipad back in the iTunes store as well.
  6. I use a combination of EN and GID Task App that is in the trunk. GID has a pretty fair integration with EN. Especially with tagging. I can email items to both, and it integrates with my google calendar. Most of my work is "Project" based so each project has a note that gets pre-tagged based on what type of project it is and a couple of milestone/reference tags that makes it easier to find all similar projects at the same time. I remove the milestone tags when the project is complete. The EN project holds the information and guts of what is going to happen, including excel spreadsheets, design pdfs, skitch images, etc... As new info comes in it gets merged to the exiting project note. I use GID - to outline the task dates. For me it's more in my face "Get it Done" then a note I can minimize. i.e. Overdue stuff shows up in Red. My .02 Good Luck!
  7. Under 2.0 It seems that my iPad "owns" the image and note and I can't edit title / edit image / open etc. while using EN on my pc. I use skitch several times a day between my phone and ipad - sync up to my computers for editing / filing etc. This would include changing the note title. Under 2.0 - I have to use the device that created the image to edit the note title - wth? I get an error - pic attached. Right Clicking on the image on my pc does not bring up the same menu options as pics taken before this update. Previously I could open / edit / crop etc... and save back into the note. Please fix. - It was working AWESOME before this change. If it ain't broke...It don't need fixing.
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