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  1. I have created the support ticket. The support staff was able to reproduce this issue at their place and have forwarded this ticket to technical staff. I'll keep you updated.
  2. Hello, starting with v10.20, the links to local files and folders started to work again, but only for links, which path does not contain non-english characters. I noted this in earlier post ( link ), but this issue is still present in current version 10.21.5. Will you please look into that? Example of non-working link:
  3. Hi, in case someone else is still struggling with this. The steps above can be done without the "fugly" part: Copy table from Excel Create a new Evernote table with same number of columns as Excel table (number of rows doesn't matter) Important part - select all columns in Evernote table Paste and enjoy Tested in EN v10.20.4
  4. Hello, old links (from v6) and new links (v10.20) with NON-ENGLISH characters does not work. Old links and new links with english characters-only work well.
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