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Disappearing Encrypted Content & History

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Hi! Running Windows 7 in a business environment. I have Evernote Premium, and I have an encrypted note that I have shared with 6 different premium accounts here. I went to access the note today and the note was there, but the content was completely gone, and there was no note history. Further, I went to every Evernote account it was shared with, and found the same to be the case.

Why would the history disappear? I could see how somebody could fat finger a backspace button, but the history should be permanent. 


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On 9/22/2016 at 5:47 PM, gazumped said:

Hi.  Really weird.  Have you checked online too at Evernote.com?  I'd strongly recommend contacting support - they tend to take data loss a bit seriously.  There should also be a chat option and if you tweet,  there's @Evernotehelps...

I have. They have been looking into this for nearly a year with no success. For any Evernote employees out there, these are the tickets on it:




In none of those circumstances could they fix the problem. I have been contacting them on and off since February with no success... :(


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Hmmn.  If support can't fix it... 

I've commented a bit about the benefits of keeping local database backups and using the Google integration for file storage in situations like this. There's no substitute for having another copy of the data somewhere...

Anyone else got any other suggestions here?

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