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Copy and Paste Note Settings from one note to another


In the Lightroom photo editing software you can right click, copy and paste edits from one picture to another (for example contrast, etc).  It would be great if we could do this in Evernote to apply the tags and notebooks from one note to another. 

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Evernote does offer two things that might suffice:

* first, you can duplicate a note (in the note list, right click on a note, select "Dulpicate Note", or create a copy of a note including tags and notebook (in the note list, right click on a note, select Copy Note to Notebook"; select the same notebook as your original note, and check the  "Preserve tags" checkbox)

* second, you can select both notes, and you will see the multi note panel, where you can set the notebook and tags for both notes.

Not quite the same as what you're asking, I understand.

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