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Evernote Keeps Crashing

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i am using version, and ive been using evernote for years now,however when i have been using it recently,everytime i open it and manage to click on a note the whoie thing crashes ,ive totally uninstalled it and re installed it and the same thing happens , any advise if anybody has had the same problem,thanks in advance 

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Hi.  Is it always the same note you click on? Have a look at your account via a desktop browser and Evernote.com - does everything seem in order? 

It may be that your database has become corrupted and is causing the crash,  so the next step - provided you have no local notebooks - is to delete your Databases folder.  

  1. Go to Tools > Options > General > Open Database Folder (if you can) to find the content.
  2. File > Exit Evernote,  then click the tiny "↑" up arrow symbol left of the address bar.
  3. You'll go 'up' one folder level to the parent,  and see the Databases folder highlighted.
  4. Copy the folder to your desktop,  and then delete the original;  or just move the folder to your desktop.
  5. Log back into Evernote,  which will re-download your folder from the server. 
  6. If you have a large folder,  now might be the time to get coffee and dig out a good book*...

  * just kidding,  but make sure you don't need Evernote urgently for a while.


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