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Shortcut for a font with specific colour and size


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Hello brand new evernote user here. I was curious if there way a way for me to automatically have the font in a highlighted section converted to a certain type of font with a specific colour and size.I wonder if there is a way to assign a shortcut to say a specific font object and have it applied . Something like that would be a life saver for me.

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Hi.  Always good to know what OS and device(s) you have,  since the capabilities of each one can be different...  Either way in this case there's no way (that I'm aware of) to change colour or type size with one keystroke in any version of Evernote.  It is possible to highlight the text and assign a different size and/ or colour via the normal editing commands,  and on any desktop -and Android devices- you could use a text-expander like Phrase Expres to size and re-colour text. 

(You'd need to highlight the text and then have key shortcuts for different font sizes and colours.)

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