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Give the ability to save or export an Audio recording from a note




At the moment, I have sync issues every time an audio file goes much over 50mb in the note.

The only solutions i have been told is to basically delete the audio.

it would be great to give the option to save or export the audio, so you could access it when the iOS device is connected to a computer, or allow you to use something like dropbox to sync the file and then you could reattach when on the desktop.

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Hi.  Have you tried any of the other audio apps that are available?  A stand-alone app seems to have more controls than Evernote's audio - I have one (on Android) that will pause playback forinstance.  It saves to my local storage as an MP3 file and that's easily added to my notes (subject to note size limits) and copied from the note to my desktop when necessary. 

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