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How to search notes for an exact phrase containing an equals sign


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I have a lot of notes with tips about excel formulae and want to be able to find and go back to specific notes.

As you probably know, in Excel formulae start with an equals sign. So I tried searching for "=text("  which is a phrase or string I know for certain is in one note.

Unfortunately, EN strips out the symbols and finds every note which has the word 'text' in it, of which there are far too many to manually look through.

Adding ? for any one character or * for any number of characters also doesn't work.

Does anyone have an idea for searching the beginning of an excel formula?


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About the only special character that is searchable is the underscore, _.  You could search for whatever follows the equals sign or whatever function you are interested in reviewing. 

Different way to go about it would be to tag the notes with Formula or the like and then find them with a tag search.  FWIW.

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Thank you. I found the one note I wanted by searching on words that described the formula I wanted. From now on I'll have to remember to add some text to each note, with phrases I might think to use when looking for each specific note down the line. 

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