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'Text-only' option when pasting into Evernote



When copying content into Evernote, it retains the source formatting automatically. This is nice, but sometimes you want the content to come over as plain text and adopt whatever formatting is in use at the 'paste' spot or as plain text. This option is perfectly exemplified within Microsoft Word, and Evernote would benefit greatly from adopting this feature given that notes take content from varying sources; We should be able to designate whether we want to import the formatting or not.

Evernote Web has a button in the editor to 'Remove formatting', but it doesn't always work correctly, I believe it is more geared toward removing formatting that was created by the editor itself rather than as a tool to convert imported content to plain text.

My current solution is to paste into Notepad and re-copy from there. It'd be nice to see this baked into Evernote to spare me my pain. 

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That used to work, and it may still in come cases, but I currently have text in the buffer that looks exactly the same -- formatted, in this case as a table -- whether I paste with CTRL-V or CTRL-SHIFT-V. :-( This is on EN desktop client for Windows, Win7.

FWIW, if I paste it here in the forum the two methods of pasting work as expected.

There also used to be a setting to reverse that, so the default paste would be plain text and adding SHIFT pasted formatted text, but that appears to be gone.  :-(

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