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(Archived) where are the release notes?




I am currently running v.1.7 and I see that there's a 1.8.1 available. However, I also read somewhere that there's an "incompatibility" between 1.8 and Android EN client. It's not clear if that referred to Endnote 1.8 or 1.8.1 for Mac and/or which version of Android.

So, my question is: where do you have the release notes for 1.8.1? I don't want to install the program update if it doesn't offer too much (I like to judge the risk/reward ratio before I install updates...)



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If you go to "Check for Updates", you'll see the release notes for the new version, and you can Cancel if you don't want to install them.

The compatibility issue is on the Android side, but it is triggered by the recent features in 1.8 (better support for text styles).

If 1.7 is working fine for you, there's no rush to update.

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Ah! I came to the website to look for them when they were right there on the update window. Awesome.

Thanks for the info - and you're right - I don't really need an update right now. EN is working very well on my Mac + Android + PC right now - let me not fix what ain't broken!



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