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  1. Thanks, Metro, for confirming the bug. I'll go ahead and post this as a bug somewhere. Cheers, -Alex
  2. So odd. Is it the case that nobody else has this issue or just nobody cares? It's not a big deal. Just puzzled why there are no replies to either post months apart on the use of a pretty well known Application! :-)
  3. Latest versions of Evernote and Microsoft Office Word / Excel still have same problem: "cannot find the specified file". I know that this is supposed to work in Windows. Any idea when this will work on Mac (or why it fails?). Thanks, -Alex Info: Evernote 3.0.1 for Mac Microsoft Office for Mac 2011: 14.1.2 OS X: 10.6.8
  4. Hi, I just tried your new "link to file" option (thanks!) but when I click on it in Word it doesn't seem to work - it spits out the error seen above. Any suggestions? Word 2011 for Mac Latest Evernote (6/15/11 release) Thanks, Alex
  5. Ah! I came to the website to look for them when they were right there on the update window. Awesome. Thanks for the info - and you're right - I don't really need an update right now. EN is working very well on my Mac + Android + PC right now - let me not fix what ain't broken! Cheers, -Alex
  6. Hi, I am currently running v.1.7 and I see that there's a 1.8.1 available. However, I also read somewhere that there's an "incompatibility" between 1.8 and Android EN client. It's not clear if that referred to Endnote 1.8 or 1.8.1 for Mac and/or which version of Android. So, my question is: where do you have the release notes for 1.8.1? I don't want to install the program update if it doesn't offer too much (I like to judge the risk/reward ratio before I install updates...) Thanks, -Alex
  7. FEATURE REQUESTS. Evernote for Mac: - Make Tags a column option in "List" view (Mac Evernote) - i.e. like in Windows version. - "Lightbox"/custom Sort option - i.e. order of notes is user selectable (i.e. by drag and drop). Thanks, -Alex
  8. FEATURE REQUESTS for Evernote on Android (droid): 1) Ability to select Notebooks or Tags in Android or (as a work-around) select Saved Search (Android) 2) Ability to select default Notebook to start in (Android) 3) Ability to select default Saved Search (i.e. Notebook "1.Action-Now" AND Tags "@Critical!") (Android) 4) Add "See Notes" or "Notes" as a button on first screen (Android)
  9. Hi, I am exploring Evernote for the first time and it looks promising. However, I find the GUI surprisingly limited. Why, for instance, not provide more options for detaching a note and allowing it to roam freely? For instance allow us to double-click on a entry so that it opens in its own window, then allow us to "float it" (stay on top of all windows), allow us to hide away all other elements of the window except contents, etc. Essentially, I am talking about a sticky. I know that there are sticky dedicated programs but note that offer Evernote's features (organization, sync, etc...). It sounds like really simple to implement - and would make it much more useful for me (i.e. I could keep a TODO list open on the side of my monitor while I work on something else and keep adding to it without flipping back and forth between programs). Any comments? -Alex
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