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Please make Evernote ROCK during outline brainstorming by adding <Alt>+<Shift> arrow key item moving

Jim Frey


Please run MSOneNote or MSWord and try the following in a new note.

Type "1. blah blah"

Type "2. blah blah blah"

Type "3. blee blee blee"

now... without using the mouse... press <arrow up> to the "2..." item and hold <Alt>+<Shift> down and press "right arrow" then "up arrow" then "left arrow" to see how easy it is to move outline elements around. 

This is an amazing time save when brainstorm alone or in a group while sharing a screen.  Please add these "Key chords" to your WIndows team to-do list.  Thank you.

There are many requests for this feature in the forums... its heartbreaking to have MSWord and OneNote beat us on this feature.  Thanks for listening.


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It's fairly commonly known that you can just highlight the line of text and drag it around.... albeit, it's a bit clunky.  But, today, I discovered a little game changer. Now it's not as elegant as shift + alt + arrow (up or down), but it'll certainly do for now. For a list with a number, bullet, or checkbox at the beginning of each line--if you hover over the number, bullet, or checkbox--you will see a little hand appear. Once the hand appears, you can left click, and easily drag the item (or line) up or down the list.

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I was surprised to find this is not available already... I was certain I would find it in the shortcut list. Without it, working with outlines and prioritizing tasks is far more tedious than it should be.

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