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Switching from Plus to Basic...will I lose info??


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Wondering if someone can help me with this. I'm considering switching from Plus to Basic. I used the Plus for homeschooling last year...I've uploaded plenty of pictures, created numerous notes, notebooks, etc. If I switch from Plus to Basic will I lose any of my information...pictures, notes, etc....especially all of my pictures?? I really want to be able to keep all of the pictures that I documented throughout the year.

Does the Basic Plan offer the feature to upload pictures?


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Hi.  If you downgrade you will not lose any data.  Your existing notes will remain available,  although if the note size is now outside the lower limits of the basic account you may not be able to edit the content.  You would still be able to download attachments and copy / export content though,  so you still have full access.  The only thing you'd need to watch would be upload limits - Basic has a 60MB per month limit, and that's not a lot if your uploading pictures...

I'd suggest you look into Local Notebooks,  which do not count against that allowance,  though their content is stored only on one desktop device.

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