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Evernote Mac needs updating



Hello Evernote Team,

This is just a wish list for my Evernote.

  • This message board has a better set of tools that what my Evernote Mac has. 
  • I wish my Evernote Mac is consistent with my Evernote iPad when it comes to UI. 
  • I am bothered at the Title being not customizable (font, size, color). 

I'd probably add more in the future. I just need to do something else now. 



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I agree – Evernote for Mac needs to be updated!

In addition, the Windows version is much better when it comes to navigation and customising notes with colours. 

Also, I don't understand why the Mac version uses blue highlights...


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Hi.  Just for information -

  • This message board uses third party software - nothing to do with Evernote (other than all the posts here!)
  • iOS recently got a new Editor,  part of the process of ensuring "consistent formatting across clients"
  • Titles aren't customisable (yet) in any client that I'm aware of..  agreed it would be nice to have though.
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