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IOS version - new note extra steps every time



Two Things that have always annoyed me about the iOS version and I cannot make sense or logic of...

- Why a new note starts in the body and not the title?! Why is this a thing? Can I have an option to start in the title please? 

- When I have written the title, the Return button is Done button, so I have to tap into the body to edit the actual note. Why introduce this extra step every time? Why can't it just be a Next our Return button do I can't start typing my note straightaway? 

Both of the above are not great for a productivity geek like me, and make note taking (lots of notes) longer when it doesn't need to be. 

Would love some feedback on these queries. 


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Hi.  Evernote don't (usually) lean in to explain why particular features work  or not - in any specific way.  Unless what you see is broken,  that's the way the software works.  If you'd like it changed,  then you can make a Feature Request in this very place.  If folks agree with you and vote it up (top left button) it's more likely to get some love & attention from Evernote.

The extra step to edit notes I seem to recall,  was after a slew of complaints that Evernote "was editing notes" when editing was not required - the result of phantom screen activity when the note was unlocked,  and a symptom of touch screens on pocketable devices.  ;)

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