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Tags and Tagging



Using the desktop version - when I search for a tag - perhaps a 3 word tag (eg "The Round Ball") - I can search on any word such as round or ball and it finds the tag.

However if I want to Tag a new note - unless I start typing "The" - it does not find the tag and could result in me creating another tag which is similar - eg "Round Ball" if I do not remember to start with a T for "The".

This would be super useful when tagging new notes if you could fix this please 

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I'd like to clarify what Marklevy9 has posted, as I am having the same problem.

On the website application, when tagging a note, you simply begin typing and it suggests any tag that INCLUDES what you are typing.

On the desktop application, when tagging a note, it only suggests tags that BEGIN with what you've started typing for the tag.

It is MUCH more useful for the tag search, when actively tagging, to be more inclusive. This is a huge reason why I don't use the desktop version often. In fact, I only use it when I need to make adjustments to tables (which is a different discussion).

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I am also requesting attention to this feature.  Currently, the only platform I am aware of that doesn't provide "partial search" functionality when applying tags to notes is in Windows Desktop.  This reduced functionality compared to mobile and web apps detracts from my desire to use the Windows Desktop app.  Efficiency with the Evernote product across all platforms is also reduced because I inadvertently create redundant tags when applying tags in Windows Desktop.

These are the threads found in the feature request forum that seem to resonate with this topic:

Any chance mods can put more weight on one or more of the above threads since we seem to be discussing the same issue?

Thanks for listening.

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