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(Archived) Keystroke for individual notes?



I can't believe after all this time this simple and very useful feature has not been added. Why can't I assign a keystroke to a particular note to open it when I'm in Evernote?

I have certain notes that I always need to jump to (internet passwords, software serial numbers, family social security numbers, etc.) Evernote is so perfect for storing all of this information. But it's so kludgy when it comes to quickly opening a commonly used note.

I've tried various workarounds with QuicKeys, but haven't found anything satisfactory: my Quickey has to select which notebook, and then which note - can't get it to work consistently with Evernote's main window.

Even if Evernote simply had a menu that showed all the notebooks and then their notes in sub-menus. I could then use QuicKeys to make a menu selection.

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