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Agenda Widget



I feel like it would be incredibly helpful to have an agenda widget that syncs with evernote that displays a full 24hr agenda so that I'm better able to plan my days vs widgets that only show blocks were events already exist (e.g. widgets with google calendar).


P.S. please, please, please make a widget that displays a single note (vs. the list view widget)



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Hi.  Not sure how popular this will be - I already do something similar at two levels.  I have a series of individual notes for meetings / travel documents etc and use a Table of Contents note to tie them all together in one list,  so I can move entries around to suit my needs and have an easy summary in one place.  For another purpose I have a template note that I exported to my desktop as an ENEX file,  which creates a new note with that template whenever I need one.  I use my Android to view said notes,  and to add information to them during the day,  but I don't create new notes from there.  Not sure how far those workarounds would apply.  It's also possible to use 'text expander' apps like Texpand to hold quite a lot of standard layout that you can produce with one (or two) taps.

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