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Huge conceptual problem with Audio notes on Android!




Before today I was used my wife's iPhone 5 to record our audio notes. It was very convenient - I clicked "new audio note", turn off iPhone screen and then left it on a table while we were talking (usually 20-40 minutes sessions to discuss some particular topics).

After meeting end I turn on iPhone screen back, typed a title of a note and clicked [Save]. That was working perfect for year. But then my wife's iPhone was broken.

I have Android phone SGS6. I tried to use it for audio notes and found that it is very inconvenient!

I cannot turn off screen on android because when screen is OFF then Evernote imediately stops recording. But screen is "eating" too much battery, so I would like to avoid left screen ON all the time while we are discussing something.

I know for sure - Android can do this. Because standard Voice Recorder on Android can record when screen is OFF.

Is it possible to fix EverNote for Android to make it more conceptually mature like EverNote for iPhone? So, user do not have to mess up with complex and unobvious tricks with external audio files recorded by other applications on Android! Because I have lot of audio files on my SGS6 and it is extremely difficult to locate the correct file when using external application for recording an audio.

Thank you.

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Hi.  Not sure if that's an Evernote or an Android problem.  Also not sure about complex and unobvious tricks - I routinely use a third-party audio app to record presentations,  and 'share' the resulting file with Evernote so I have a playable copy in a note.  That might be a way to clear up some of the confusion surrounding your audio files and help you find the right one faster...

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