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Make Sort Notes By Choice Persistent

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One of my notebooks is used as a journal or diary with the first line/title entered being the date, e.g., 2016/08/04 Thursday. To make this notebook useful, I choose Sort Notes by Title, and I have to make this selection every time I open Evernote. If that choice could be made persistent, it would be a great help.


BTW, I moved to Evernote from Springpad, and have never looked back.

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Hi.  If you want to make your choice the default,  just File > Exit Evernote when it's set up to your satisfaction.  When you restart,  Sort by title should still be selected.  That's only possible once - if you need to have other notebooks sorted by created date or whatever,  you'll have to switch over manually - or on a desktop get a hotkey option set up with something like Phrase Express to speed up the process...

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