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Scrollbars appear under bulleted list

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When i copy a bulleted list onto a pre-existing note or a new note, automatically a scrollbar appears under the note as shown in the attachment.

I don't want a scrollbar under my note.

Is there any way to achieve this?



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Looks like some HTML is getting copied as well. Select the text with the scrollbar, right click and choose either "Simplify formatting" or "Remove formatting." 

When you're pasting in stuff in the future, use the ctrl+shift+V shortcut (or right click the empty note and choose "Paste and match style..." from the context menu) to paste the original text without original formatting.

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Aw thanks! If they asked for feedback on the quality of customer service, I'd definitely tell them that. If you don't express what was good or bad, they can't improve. Glad your issue was fixed!

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