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  1. I have installed evernote premium on my mobile. My mobile device has 4 GB internal memory, All the internal memory of my mobile is consumed and my mobile phone stops to function. To release space i have to uninstall evernote, and this releases 1.5 GB space. I have the following question: Q. Is there any way evernote installs and saves it's notes on my 32 GB external memory? As you can see evernote has taken almost 500 MB of size which is quite large. The Red box in the attached picture shows data (space) consumed : 429 MB in two days today it is showing me data (s
  2. Whenever i make changes to a note, evernote sometimes is not able to merge the new changes to the note and instead creates a new copy of the old note as a new note, the new note containing the newer changes. So now i have two versions of the same note. One previous version, and the other newer version. Sometimes, i see 3-4 versions of the same note, but i don't know what the difference in all the notes are. I want to compare both the note versions to find out which one i need to keep. How do i do this in evernote?
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