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Conflicting Changes

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Last week I edited a note on my mobile and when I later accessed Evernote on my PC it said there was a sync conflict. I added the changes to the original note and deleted the conflicting changes note and folder as suggested from the Evernote support topic. Now every time I click on Activity it still says there are conflicting changes from the note I deleted and it won't go away. How can I remove it?

I tried signing out and logging back in and reinstalling Evernote.


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10 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi - check your Trash notebooks.  Also: is the Activity entry a new one each time,  or is the old warning simply showing up in the window whenever you open it?

Trash is empty. The old warning showing up when I open Activity.

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3 hours ago, gazumped said:

OK - seems like just the history is showing then - don;t know of any way to clear that display...

Ok thanks. I guess it will remove itself eventually or in an update with the option to clear Activity notifications.

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