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Manual Contextual Links



Nice marketing technique to put in place a restriction so that everyone using the free experience evaluates the current worth of the platform. I am glad to support a useful, well made piece of software.

Everyone uses this software differently because of its versatile nature. The one missing link for me is links. With premium I have just gained access to context and this is along the lines of a concept I would love. Same concept but with manual control over links. The ability to manually relate an object to other objects in my collection. For instance with an author I could link all of his works, the locations he has lived and traveled, the people he has interacted with throughout his life, the ideas he has created. It should be a two way link to relate content between content allowing a more complex tree of interlocking information.

All that is needed is a subset of a search engine embedded below the editor of a topic that allows to manually select what is related. Both notes will reflect this relationship. This would up the power of relationship between notes that could unfold in many use cases.


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Hi.  Not sure what you're looking for here.  If you research an author and find links to biographies / bibliographies etc,  you can add those links to notes.  If you search for the author by name you'll find all your notes listed in one screen.  If you then set up a Table of Contents note,  you'll have links to all of the data for that author in one place.  Open the ToC note in its own window,  and you have an index to all your notes from which you can browse each one individually.


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