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On Windows PC it syncs but fails to go to Galaxy 7

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My windows PC syncs notes, but it does not sync to my samsung. I have tried to sync and nothing happens. I can't afford to upgrade as I'm on a fixed income, REALLY fixed, and from community states that the upgrade actually inhibits it even more, What is the point of this program? I thought seamless transmission is part of what you're selling free or not. PLEASE help only way around this is to go through my notes and go through them one by one and update them MANUALLY. WTF?

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Welcome to the forum! It's user-to-user, although Evernote employees do come by. You're right, notes on one device should sync seamlessly to the other, so something's gone wrong somewhere. A few things to check (others may have more suggestions):

  • Go to https://evernote.com/ and sign in. Are your notes synced there, in other words, are they identical to the notes in your Windows Evernote program?
  • If they're not, try doing a manual sync in the Windows program (press F9, or click the Sync button, or do Tools > Sync), wait a few seconds, and reload evernote.com and see if the notes are identical now. This will test where the problem lies, in the Windows installation or on the Galaxy.
  • If the notes are synced in evernote.com but still not synced on the Galaxy (do a manual sync there too to be sure, from the menu in the top right corner), then something may be wrong on the Galaxy.
    • Have the notes ever synced between the Galaxy and the Windows program? If they have, maybe try force closing the app on the Galaxy, and even restarting the device; then reopen the app and do a manual sync. If they're still not synced, then I don't know what's going on.
    • If the notes have never synced to the Galaxy, then I'd try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. You'll lose any notes on the Galaxy that are unsynced, I believe. Once it's reinstalled, do a manual sync. If the notes still don't sync to what's in the Windows program, I don't know what's going on.
  • On the other hand, if the notes are still not synced between the Windows program and evernote.com after you do a manual sync in the Windows program, check in the Windows program to see whether the notes that don't sync are in notebooks designated as "Local." (A Local notebook exists only on your computer and is never synced. It's easy to create these by accident when you're starting out.) Right-click a notebook and select Properties. In the Notebook Properties dialogue, check what it says next to "Type."
    • If Type says "Synchronized notebook," then I don't know what the problem is.
    • If Type says "Local notebook," then try this (because unfortunately you can't change the type of a notebook between Local and Synchronized):
      • Create a new notebook (on the File menu; by default it will be Synchronized).
      • Select all the notes in a Local notebook.
      • Right-click on the selected notes, choose Move to Notebook..., and pick your newly created notebook.
      • Once they're in the new Synchronized notebook, do a manual sync, and they should then appear in evernote.com and (after a manual sync) on the Galaxy. If that works, you can delete the Local notebook.
      • If the notes still don't sync, then I'm out of ideas.

One point about all this manual syncing: normally it's not necessary, unless you're doing some testing like this, or you need to get something immediately from one device to another. But it's always good to do a manual sync when you stop using Evernote on one device, and when you begin using it on another, just to be sure you don't accidentally edit two different versions of the same note. In the Windows version, you can eliminate some of this by doing Tools > Options > Sync, and Enable instant sync. In the Android app, I think a note should sync as soon as you close it after editing, as long as you have a data connection.

I hope something in all this is helpful!

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