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Websites get weighed far too heavily in the Context area



Hi there, pretty new Premium-level user here. I think that the Context idea is great, and I've already found it pretty useful and can see it becoming a pretty key part of my workflow. One comment though -- the items that appear for other websites, news, things about what Apple is up to are weighed far too heavily. I would much, MUCH rather see more Notes than websites, not least because most of the time they just feel like ads for a ***** freemium product. 

In other words, I feel like now that I'm a paid user, I'm starting to get ads. This isn't a dealbreaker and I still love Evernote, but it is very disappointing that a cool feature is hamstrung.

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Hi.  Windows users get a Tools > Options > Context window that allows fine-tuning of the Context results - specifically do they come from Notes / Articles / People.  You may have something similar in Preferences.  It's also possible to switch context off.

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