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Add attachment to existing note in iOS



My entire professional and personal life is organized in Evernote. The fundamental key to its utility is ubiquity across platforms. I have it on my desktop at home and work and my iPhone and iPad on the move. 

My biggest headache and major failing with the product is the inability to attach a file (Word doc, spreadsheet, PDF) from cloud storage (Dropbox et al) to an existing note unless I am at the desktop. 

I know I can email it to Evernote but that's not how the work process actually goes. I have existing notes on specific projects, policy initiatives, meeting notes, etc. I get a doc (minutes from the meeting, a presentation, a relevant article) as they occur. I routinely add these to existing notes at the appropriate point in the body.

I know notes emailed with attachments can be merged, but that requires multiple steps and creates additional problems for note integrity, breaks note links, etc. 

At this point, when I travel (which is frequently) the ONLY reason I need to carry a laptop now (and can't rely on iPad alone) is in order to maintain Evernote.  

This one feature would make me a user for life, and eliminate any incentive to continue to constantly consider alternative products. 

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I totally agree with MJG. I have been waiting for this feature for years.

It would also be super productive to be able to open 2 notes side-by-side and copy a pdf from a note to another note.




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