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multiple pages: easier reading and presentation

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Multiple pages can be printed, or exported, so far alright.

What about if I want to read a bunch notes (like all having same TAG) in a collated style without to have to click on each one separately ? Presentation mode is somehow related to this need but it seems I have to exit the presentation and click on next note for each one to be presented !

Does this capabililty exist ?

I am fond of writing many small notes, and I like to review them from time to time. I may share them during a presentation with a team (presentation mode).

As I see, where it makes sense to have it implemented in Evernote desktop: Starting from the notes list, if I make a multiple selection, I underneath get a few related option:

+ Share
+ Merge: this will create a new bigger note from merging the selected smaler notes. This nearly complies with my need but I would not want one note replacing four others, I would just need the "temporary" display of the selected notes for reading purpose.
+ Save attachments
+ Move to notebook
+ Start presentation: the display in full screen is nice, but unfortunately it displays the first note of my multiple selection only.
+ Create table of content note

I kindly apreciate a comment, whether I missed a hint or this would be a potential planned improvement.



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Are you on Windows?  Ctrl-right arrow is supposed to move you to the next note, but I just tested on Windows (v. and it doesn't work.  Looks like a bug to me.

I tested on Mac and moving between notes works fine there (using Cmd-right arrow).


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Phils, thank you !

I waguely remember that I was successfully using a few months ago a keyboard shortcut for scrolling presentation through the notes but recently I could not remember it again.

(I was madly thying all sort of shortcuts... and was not anymore sure if that was possible or not, that is why I asked... I am sure I found, months ago, the shortcut in documentation but this time I got lost in the help sections).

Actually now it works fine on my Windows with Ctrl-right/left... THANKS ! (v. for me too... maybe potential bug but I wonder why "presentation" would not capture the ctrl-right, unless it is assigned by windows to another application.... configurable shortcut may me a good idea...)

By the way a proposal: it would maybe help other desperate users having access to "note-step" with mouse when in presentation mode (with right-click for example).

Anyway I bet you have plenty of good ideas in the bucket for improving the presentation mode.. ;-)

Kind rgards



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