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  1. Hi Gents, Text Collapse: I think, technically, something is already available in Evernote, the "encryption" !! Actually I was creating a note, and I was looking for a feature for collapsing a piece of text, that I would expand later only when I need to read the details, and also to give me a better overview of my complete note on one full screen space. I did not find the "collapse" feature (or "Expand" macro as it is called in "confluence"), but I remembered vaguely that I was using text encryption on evernote about one year ago, and that finally it was exactly acting as a "collapse", with the only difference being that for the "encryption" one needs a passphrase !! So, for now I will use the text encryption just for my collapse/expand needs and will have to type the passphrase every time. what about simply make available similar function as encryption without "passphrase" and just call it "collapse" ?? Cheers Pier PS: sorry is this conversation was outdated or if another was better discussing this topic so that I may have not posting on the right place.
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