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  1. Hi Gents, Text Collapse: I think, technically, something is already available in Evernote, the "encryption" !! Actually I was creating a note, and I was looking for a feature for collapsing a piece of text, that I would expand later only when I need to read the details, and also to give me a better overview of my complete note on one full screen space. I did not find the "collapse" feature (or "Expand" macro as it is called in "confluence"), but I remembered vaguely that I was using text encryption on evernote about one year ago, and that finally it was exactly acting as a "collapse", with the only difference being that for the "encryption" one needs a passphrase !! So, for now I will use the text encryption just for my collapse/expand needs and will have to type the passphrase every time. what about simply make available similar function as encryption without "passphrase" and just call it "collapse" ?? Cheers Pier PS: sorry is this conversation was outdated or if another was better discussing this topic so that I may have not posting on the right place.
  2. Phils, thank you ! I waguely remember that I was successfully using a few months ago a keyboard shortcut for scrolling presentation through the notes but recently I could not remember it again. (I was madly thying all sort of shortcuts... and was not anymore sure if that was possible or not, that is why I asked... I am sure I found, months ago, the shortcut in documentation but this time I got lost in the help sections). Actually now it works fine on my Windows with Ctrl-right/left... THANKS ! (v. for me too... maybe potential bug but I wonder why "presentation" would not capture the ctrl-right, unless it is assigned by windows to another application.... configurable shortcut may me a good idea...) By the way a proposal: it would maybe help other desperate users having access to "note-step" with mouse when in presentation mode (with right-click for example). Anyway I bet you have plenty of good ideas in the bucket for improving the presentation mode.. ;-) Kind rgards Pier
  3. Multiple pages can be printed, or exported, so far alright. What about if I want to read a bunch notes (like all having same TAG) in a collated style without to have to click on each one separately ? Presentation mode is somehow related to this need but it seems I have to exit the presentation and click on next note for each one to be presented ! Does this capabililty exist ? I am fond of writing many small notes, and I like to review them from time to time. I may share them during a presentation with a team (presentation mode). As I see, where it makes sense to have it implemented in Evernote desktop: Starting from the notes list, if I make a multiple selection, I underneath get a few related option: + Share + Merge: this will create a new bigger note from merging the selected smaler notes. This nearly complies with my need but I would not want one note replacing four others, I would just need the "temporary" display of the selected notes for reading purpose. + Save attachments + Move to notebook + Start presentation: the display in full screen is nice, but unfortunately it displays the first note of my multiple selection only. + Create table of content note I kindly apreciate a comment, whether I missed a hint or this would be a potential planned improvement. Thanks Pier
  4. Hi all, thanks for discussion, it helped me to understand why #tags sent by email in the subject field are not acknowledged by evernote when these tags are not already existing. Nevertheless, I practice often this process: I've got a new email with new "idea" to send to evernote so I want to send it to evernote and add a new tag (because that topic is just something new "in the air"). I find it anoying that I shall FIRST log into my evernote and add the new tag in order for my email new tag in subject field to be taken in account !.... Could new tags in email subject field simply be "ADDED" to evernote tags list ? (finally what is the basic reason for this feature not to exist yet ?) Thank you for replying and sorry if I may have misread a few posts in this long conversation topic. Additionnally I would have another question related to tags, that may already have a solution: When using "categories" in MS outlook, can an email sent to evernote, which has linked outlook categories has them automatically transfered to evernote tags ?... I am just doing twice the job of "categorizing" in outlook and "re-tagging" in the subject field of my emails to evernote (actually I have to tag them first in evernote before to write the tag in the subject field, which is even more anoying). thank you for support. Pier
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