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How to export a note to txt-file

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On June 21, 2016 at 11:28 AM, The_Immortal said:

I'm wondering how can I export a note to txt-file?
I don't need any formatting.
I just want to get a txt file (no HTML, no XML). It's so simple. So how to do it?


5 hours ago, The_Immortal said:

What are you talking about? I need to do bulk export.

I think he was responding to your original request, exporting a note to text format

For bulk export. My process would be to write a script (Applescript) on my Mac

I currently use backup script that exports to html and enex
I wouldn't find text format very useful
- in addition to losing all my formatting, I would also lose any attachments

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There's no 'export/ print to text' as such in Evernote Windows.  Depends on your note content and your intentions for the text file.  It's possible to export to XML,  open that file in Excel and see the notes as part of the spreadsheet layout.  Office basic (or a document Merge template) would then enable you to extract all/ part of the saved data as separate pages.


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